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We provide concise and focused advising to our clients in the following areas:


1.  Manage client's accounts on a discretionary basis or a non-discretionary basis.

2.  Provide continuous investment and market research in existing investments and searching for developing opportunities.

3.  Provide investment advice when a client's life style changes or investment interest.


The above investment advising services are charged on a simple type of fee called a fee-only.  As a registered investment adviser, our fee-only is an asset-based management fee, which is billed as a percentage of client assets per calendar quarter.  Please see our brochure for our asset-based management fee schedule.


As an investment adviser, Northwest Growth Advising is a fiduciary to you, the client, as we are obligated to give advice that is in your best interest.  Also, as a fee-only investment adviser, we do not receive any compensation from any brokerage firm, insurance company, and/or mutual or exchange traded fund.  By being independent of any outside or associated company relationships, we remain focused on our client's goals, interests, risk tolerance, investing time frames, age, cash needs, and other investing criteria.


Types of accounts available for our clients:


     I.  Retirement accounts:  Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA


     II.  Non-retirement accounts: individual or joint brokerage, trust, UGMA/UTMA



Address: 3312 SE 165th Pl. Portland, OR  97236          Email:          Phone: 503 789 8150
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