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Northwest Growth Advising, LLC is an independently owned, Oregon registered investment adviser firm based in Portland, Oregon. 
We were created for the main purpose of growing and protecting investment wealth for individuals, families, business owners, and high net worth individuals.  As an investment adviser and portfolio manager, we accomplish growing and protecting our clients investments by listening to them, formulating a plan, initiating their plan, and keeping in contact with them.
We often meet people who have the investment question in their mind, should I continue to invest on my own and  unassisted or should I seek out the experience of an investment adviser?
I.  Many do-it-yourself investors can find investing challenging as to investment choices, asset allocations, market volatility and time consuming for long-term retirement and non-retirement account growth.  For the protection and growth of your retirement, family's needs, inheritance investing, or income needs it is vital to have a plan that includes experience and understanding of how the markets react to the US economcy, Federal Reserve, and other major influences. 
The reason we say this is because investing is very personal and people can relate it to paying their bills, researching and purchasing a new washing machine or car, or budgeting the family's finances.  However, the stark reality is that investing involves a great deal of knowledge and experience to protect and grow for income you will need in future years.
II.  With Northwest Growth Advising our experience and understanding of the markets are built on three main areas of investment analysis we use for our client's portfolios.
  1.  Positioning a client's portfolio among appropriate investments based on the client's investing criteria.
  2.  Understanding how economic cycles, interest rates, and other macro issues can affect different asset class investments.  
  3.  Understanding market psychology and using our experience and knowledge to invest assets during long-term growth periods and to protect assets during long-term slowing/contracting periods depending on the asset class investment.
*As always, there is no fee to talk with us, whether you are or are not a client.
Address: 3312 SE 165th Pl. Portland, OR  97236          Email:          Phone: 503 789 8150
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